Blacklisted Music + Arts Festival
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Due to a troubling case of censorship, Blacklisted Festival has been cancelled. We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this has caused. If you have purchased tickets, please go to your point of purchase for a full refund.

To find out what happened, watch the video below, read this report by The Epoch Times, and take some time to learn about our cause. There is a terrible genocide going on in China right now with countless innocent lives at stake. At Blacklisted, our goal was to break the silence and shine a light into the darkness. Yet in the end we, ourselves, were blacklisted.

Although our festival is cancelled, our cause remains as pressing as ever. Please help us by getting informed, lending your voice, or just by sparing some kind thoughts for our brothers and sisters in China.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Nick Janicki

Nick Janicki

President, Blacklisted Foundation

Read The Epoch Times Report »

Blacklisted Promo Video

The Cause


At Blacklisted, our eyes are on China but our mission is universal. We're dedicated to shedding a light on injustice. We want to create a future where people come before profit, where freedom is celebrated, and where crimes against humanity are not tolerated. And we'd rather be Blacklisted than remain silent.

Watch the videos below to understand. Use hashtag #IAmBlacklisted to show your support.

End Organ Pillaging

The Slaughter